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How to Choose the Right Frames For Your Face - Joseph Abboud

The right pair of glasses can do so much more than help you see.

By picking an appropriate frame shape and color, you end up with an incredible accessory that can take all your casual and formal outfits to the next level.

The question is: How do you choose the right frames for your face?

Below, we’ll define all the factors you should consider when choosing a glasses frame style and help you pick the right ones. 

How to Choose the Right Frames For Your Face 

Guidelines for men’s fashion aren’t set in stone—they’re designed to give you a starting point.

In other words, if you like a style of glasses that is outside of the classic guidelines, wear them! We encourage everyone to wear clothing and accessories that make them feel comfortable and stylish.

However, when it comes to glasses frame shapes, the guidelines can help you figure out what might work best for you if you’re having trouble deciding.

Three facial characteristics factor into your glasses' frame shape and color: Face shape, skin tone, and eye color.

Face Shape

When choosing the right glasses for your face, the shape of your face is an important factor to consider—glasses that compliment your face shape can enhance your appearance. 

There are six common face shapes: square, round, diamond, heart, oval, and triangle. However, it's uncommon for someone to have a face shape that fits perfectly into one category. Often, a person's face has features that resemble characteristics from multiple face shapes. In this case, it's best to choose frames that suit the face shape that yours most closely resembles.

  • For square faces, rounded frames can soften the angles and complement the wider jaw and forehead. 
  • Round faces with softer curves and fuller cheeks can benefit from angular or square frames to balance the roundness. 
  • Diamond faces, with narrow foreheads, angular jawlines, and defined cheekbones, can look great in round or softer frames that offset the sharp angles. 
  • Heart-shaped faces, with a narrow chin, higher cheekbones, and a wider forehead, can wear almost any shape but benefit from frames that flare out and have a deeper base. 
  • Oval faces, with wider and higher cheekbones and a more narrow forehead, can wear most oversized frame shapes but should avoid narrow designs. 
  • Triangle faces, with a wider square jawline and narrow forehead forming a triangle down to the jawline, can benefit from wider frames that add width to the top half of the face and balance out the wider jawline.

Remember, these are just guidelines, and if you love a particular style of glasses that don't fit within these guidelines, feel free to wear them!

Skin Tone

The colors or patterns of glasses frames that look best on you can be influenced by your skin tone—giving you another way to choose the perfect frames for your face. 

Skin tones can generally be classified as either cool or warm. When choosing frames, the general guideline is to choose frames that match the tone of your skin. 

  • Warm skin tones pair well with warmer colors like brown, gold, red, and green.
  • Cool skin tones pair well with cooler colors like black, gray, blue, and tortoise.

Eye Color

When choosing glasses, the color of your eyes can also play a significant role—after all, they’re directly behind the lenses! 

Eye colors can generally be categorized into blue, brown, and green, with varying shades of each. 

  • Blue eyes complement frames in similar shades of blue or gray, although tortoiseshell or brown frames can provide a nice contrast. 
  • Brown eyes come in different shades of warmth, with darker brown eyes pairing well with tortoiseshell, green, or gold frames, while hazel eyes pair well with gray or green frames. 
  • Finally, green eyes are enhanced by gold or brown frames. Alternatively, pink or purple frames can add a touch of contrast.

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