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Joseph Abboud Outfits Fenway Sports CMO Adam Grossman

Joseph Abboud recently had a bespoke suit fitting with Fenway Sports CMO Adam Grossman.

Our bespoke tailor, Stuart, helped Adam find his dream suit — from the fit to the fabric, Stuart ensured that everything went according to plan and Adam left with a suit that he loved.

To help people understand what goes into a suit fitting, let’s talk about the process from top to bottom. We’ll also dive into some of the most important suit fit principles. 

Joseph Abboud recently had a bespoke suit fitting with Fenway Sports CMO Adam Grossman.

The Suit Fitting Process With Adam

The suit fitting process is all about helping the client feel comfortable — for Stuart, this was as simple as ensuring that Adam had water to drink. However, it’s not uncommon for us to offer a nice drink of fine whiskey, bourbon, or tequila, depending on their preferences!

Stuart met Adam in his office — our concierge service can meet clients wherever they’re most comfortable, including their home, office, hotel room, or anywhere else. He began by taking Adam’s measurements, height, and weight to get an idea of what size jacket and pant sizes he might wear. From there, Adam tried on a few different jackets to get an even better feel for the jacket size.

Joseph Abboud recently had a bespoke suit fitting with Fenway Sports CMO Adam Grossman.

Then comes choosing the type of fit — as a younger, fit individual, Adam was looking for a tailored and fitted look in his suit. It’s the kind of fit that shows off all of the confidence that he exudes. To get this fit, we mark up every part of the jacket, including the sleeves, jacket length, midsection, and shoulders, before taking pictures to show clients how it looks and feels. 

Although Adam knew exactly what he was looking for, our experts can help you choose the right style if you’re unsure.

With these measurements and Adam’s personal preferences, we finalized everything — the chest fit, shoulders, sleeve length, and jacket length. We also chose the proper pants for Adam, paying particular attention to the seat, which is the most important part of fitting a pair of suit pants.

Last was the fun part: choosing fabrics and patterns! Adam chose his suit fabric, lining, and all of the other details that made his suit a truly custom piece that he’ll love for years to come. 

What Factors Into a Proper Suit Fit?

So, here’s the question: What was Stuart taking into account while measuring Adam and helping him find the perfect fit?

Here are the primary principles of a suit fitting and what goes into a well-fitted suit.

  1. Initial Posture - At any suit fitting, the client should be standing as tall and naturally as possible. This posture may not be how they typically stand throughout the day, but it helps to evaluate how the fabric drapes on their body.
  2. Avoid Pulling - When the jacket is buttoned, it should fit comfortably without any pulling or tension. A well-fitted jacket should complement the individual's body shape. In Adam’s case, he wanted a fitted and tailored look since he’s younger and fitter. 
  3. Shoulder Fit - The shoulders of the jacket should ideally extend just beyond the shoulder bone. This ensures that the fabric drapes smoothly down the arm without wrinkles.
  4. Sleeve Length - The jacket's sleeve length should allow about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of the shirt sleeve to show underneath. This detail adds a polished and tailored look.
  5. Jacket Length - The length of the jacket should typically cover the seat. This length tends to work well for most individuals, but it can vary based on certain factors.
  6. Pants Seat Fit - The seat of the pants should cover the person's seat without excessive looseness. Avoid having extra fabric between the pant seat and the individual's seat to prevent discomfort. As mentioned above, this is the most important aspect of how your pants fit!
  7. Thigh Fit - The pants should drape comfortably down the leg, especially in the thigh area, without wrinkling. This ensures a proper fit and comfort when sitting down.
  8. Pant Break - A slight break in the pants, where they lay a bit past the top of the shoe, is a stylish look. This is particularly effective when the pants have a trim fit, as it creates a taller and cleaner appearance when standing and walking. However, pant break varies by individual — some prefer no break at all, while others prefer more break. 

Following these principles ensures that you’ll have the best possible suit fit!

Looking For A Well-Fitted Bespoke Suit?

If you’re like Adam and you want the perfect suit, we can help.

Joseph Abboud’s Bespoke Suiting process will get you started with a stylish suit today — we can meet you where you’re most comfortable.

Ready to look your absolute best? Learn more about how Joseph Abboud’s bespoke suit process takes your style game to the next level.

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