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Metal vs. Leather Watches - Which One is Right For You?

Does the perfect men’s accessory exist? We think so: A classy men’s watch

Whether you’re suited and booted or bringing the heat in your best casual look, it’s just not the same without a watch.

Here’s the thing: For those in the market for their next watch, you’ve got options. In fact, two of them jump out immediately: Leather watches and metal watches.

Below, we’ll compare and contrast the two, along with the pros and cons of each so that you can make the best decision for your next purchase. 

Metal Watches

Metal watches are a classy option that adds a touch of shine to your favorite casual and formal outfits. Metal watch bands mimic the materials used for cases—gold, silver, and stainless steel, for example. 


Looking to make a statement with your outfit? Look no further than a metal watch—they’re eye-catching and add class to your look with a truly luxurious feel. 

Metal watch bands come in different designs, too. You have watches made from links, like this Park Place Collection Automatic Bracelet Watch:

Park Place Collection Automatic Bracelet Watch

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Or you can go with a mesh bracelet design that adds a unique look to your watch. For example, the Gold Date Mesh Bracelet Watch:

Gold Date Mesh Bracelet Watch

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Not all metal watches need to be gold-tone, either. Styling with a silver-tone watch allows you to add subtle flair to your outfit without taking the attention away from other portions, such as a well-fitted bespoke suit. 

The Crosby Street Collection Automatic Bracelet Watch

The Crosby Street Collection Automatic Bracelet Watch—a truly premium feeling watch that elevates any outfit, casual or formal.

There are other options, too—for example, gunmetal or black watches allow men to wear a timepiece that won’t catch as much attention as their shinier counterparts. 


Metal watch bands are well-known for being durable—with a metal watch, you’ll see less long-term wear and tear. They’re unlikely to break, can withstand moisture far better, and you won’t have to worry about stretching. 

However, they’re not entirely bulletproof. Metal watch bands can still get scratched. You’ll still need to be careful wearing your metal watches to ensure that they’re always looking their best. 

Comfort and Fit

While it’s easy to get used to wearing a metal watch, some may find that the material is a little heavy for their liking. It might not be the favorite option for someone who wants a more comfortable strap—especially when compared to their leather counterparts.

Metal watch straps may also trap sweat and moisture underneath, which could cause itching and discomfort. However, for the most part, people can easily get used to the feeling of wearing a classy metal watch—it’s all about personal preference. 

Getting the right fit on a metal watch can be trickier in some cases. With a metal watch band featuring links, you’ll need to have links added or taken out to get the perfect watch fit after measuring your wrist.

Quick Pros and Cons



Bold styling option

Can be heavier for everyday wear

Highly durable 

May trap sweat and moisture underneath

Many colors and design options

Can scratch easily if the wearer isn’t careful

Traditional look and feel

Fitting is much more difficult than a leather watch

Leather Watches

Most of us know and love leather—it’s hard to beat the look of a classic leather watch in 2023, whether it’s black, brown, or any other stylish color. 

We’re on record saying that every man should have a go-to leather watch in their collection—let’s dive into what makes them special.


Styling a leather watch is near-seamless. They work great for any occasion, whether you wear them with a classy suit to the office or head out on a boat in your favorite t-shirt and shorts outfit. 

One of the first things you’ll notice about a leather watch strap is the color. You have the classic black watch strap, like this Black & Silver Multi-Function Strap Watch:

 Black & Silver Multi-Function Strap Watch

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Or, you could go with one of our favorite combinations: The brown leather and gold case combo. It’s a timeless, eye-catching classic that works with any of your favorite outfits. This Brown & Gold Multi-Function Croco-Grain Strap Watch from Joseph Abboud, for example:

Brown & Gold Multi-Function Croco-Grain Strap Watc

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Leather watches also provide opportunities for unique patterns and designs. You have croco-grain, such as in the example above. Or, if you prefer a more subtle design that allows other parts of your outfit to shine, you can go with a smooth strap—the choice is yours.

 Smooth Strap Watch

Smooth straps are just as classy as ever—like this Smooth Strap Watch from Joseph Abboud.

There’s one thing you need to remember with leather watches: If you’re wearing one with a suit, you need to match your leathers.

For example, if you have black shoes on, you’ll want to pair them with a black belt and a black leather watch strap. The same goes for brown shoes—add a brown belt and a brown leather watch strap. The shades don’t have to be exactly the same, but they should be similar—details matter! 


Leather watch straps aren’t as durable as metal watches, but with the right amount of care, they last a long time.

The key is to watch out for scratching—leather watch straps are prone to highly noticeable scratches. 

However, leather watch bands will eventually wear out with time. They can start to fray or stretch and there isn’t too much you can do—other than keeping them dry and cleaning them regularly. 

The good news is that they’re easy to replace—especially when compared to metal straps. No need to deal with missing links!

Comfort and Fit 

Leather watches are known for being comfortable. The supple leather forms on your wrist and often makes it feel like you aren’t wearing a watch at all!

Fitting a leather watch strap is also much easier—instead of adding or removing links, all you have to do is choose one of the holes on the watch strap that fits your wrist the best and you’re good to go. It’s still best to try on the watch first to make sure it fits, though.

Quick Pros and Cons



Classic, traditional styling option good for casual and formal outfits

Can wear out easily with time

Maximum comfort for everyday wear

Scratches will show and take away from the look

Different designs and colors provide many styling options

Need to match leathers if you’re wearing a suit

Much easier to fit 

Which One is Right For You?

The truth is that only you can decide which watch option is best for your style.

Both metal and leather watch straps provide many styling options for any of your outfits. If you prefer a bold and shiny statement-making option, your best bet is a gold-tone watch that catches the eye. 

On the other hand, traditionalists may prefer a classic black smooth leather watch strap—it’s versatile and classy, providing a great accessory to all of your favorite looks. 

No matter what you’re looking for, Joseph Abboud has you covered. Our metal watch collection includes bold classics in gold-tone, silver, and even black for those who want a more subtle option.

Meanwhile, our leather watch collection has everything you need for a traditional and classy look, including different colors, patterns, and more.

Shop Joseph Abboud’s watch collections today for all of your timepiece needs!

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