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5 Men’s Leather Watches that You’ll Love in 2023

Is an outfit really complete without a stylish watch?

Whether you’re accessorizing with a casual outfit or a bespoke suit, we can’t overstate the importance of a stylish watch. It doesn’t have to be expensive, either—there are plenty of budget-friendly watch options available to you that will have you looking your best! 

The question is: What type of watch is best?

Every watch has its place, whether we’re talking about a metal watch, fabric watch, or a leather band watch.

However, we’re here with five of our favorite men’s leather watches that we know you’ll love. 

Before we dive in, let’s talk about what makes a leather watch special. 

Why Wear a Leather Watch?

With so many different types of watch bands to choose from, what is it that makes leather watches such an attractive option for stylish men?

We’ve come up with five reasons why we love leather watches. Not to say that other types of watch bands aren’t as good, but all of these factors can help sway you toward choosing leather for your next timepiece. 


Watches are an investment—even if you choose a budget option, you’ll want your watch to last!

Leather is renowned for being one of the most durable materials for clothing, accessories, and footwear. A quality leather watch band should give you several years of wear as long as you treat it right. The shade or color may start to change a little bit, but the overall quality of the leather takes a long time to wear down. 

You’ll certainly be getting what you pay for!


One of our favorite things about men’s leather watches is their versatility. 

Dressing up in a classy bespoke suit? Throw on a leather watch. It won’t bog down the outfit and will add some subtle flair to piece the whole look together. 

Heading out in a t-shirt and shorts? Take your casual look to the next level with a stylish leather watch. You’ll certainly get some looks—but in a good way!

The sheer amount of leather straps on the market add to their versatility, too. You’ve got different colors, from natural browns to navy blues. Meanwhile, different patterns and textures can add to your look as well—for example, Croco Grain leather has an intriguing and unique texture to it. 

If you’re looking for versatility in a watch, it’s hard to beat men’s leather watches.


Leather is well-known for being one of the most comfortable materials for watch bands. It’s supple and will move freely with your wrist rather than remaining rigid. 

It also tends to absorb sweat and humidity. Your wrist won’t feel as hot under a leather strap—especially when compared to other fabric straps.

While you can certainly get used to having a metal band on your wrist, nothing beats the comfort provided by a leather watch.


This one might be a little subjective, but can you beat the class provided by a leather strap? It’s definitely tough!

One thing we can say for certain is that one of the best features of leather straps is their simplicity—the right men’s leather watch won’t come and go with the changing trends. Sporting a classy leather watch with a suit or a casual outfit will always be fashionable. 


You can certainly find men’s leather watches beyond your price range. However, for the most part, they tend to be one of the more budget-friendly options—especially when compared to metal bands. 

Also, as one of the more durable materials, you’ll spend less money replacing your watch band. Compare this to a metal watch that may require additional cash for replacing links. 

There’s nothing better than looking stylish on a budget, and men’s leather watches give you that opportunity. 

Our Favorite Men’s Leather Watches From Joseph Abboud

Sold on men’s leather watches? All that’s left is to pick out your new timepiece.

We’ve chosen five of our favorites from Joseph Abboud to get you started. All these watches feature a beautiful design alongside other features that every man will want in a leather watch. 

Smooth Strap Watch

It’s a tried and true classic that we love!

The Smooth Strap Watch is one of our favorite men’s leather watches. This fine timepiece features classic styling elements with a smooth strap watchband and metal case. However, the star of the show is the beautiful blue sunray dial with silver-tone hands and markers. This classic design will surely be a hit and elevate your style game!

Get this incredible leather watch for just $85 from Joseph Abboud.Smooth Strap Watch

Get the Watch

Navy & Silver Transparent Dial Strap Watch

Looking for a unique design that you won’t find anywhere else? We’ve got you covered.

The Navy & Silver Transparent Dial Strap Watch has all the functional quirks you want in a men’s leather watch: Water resistance up to 100 feet, an analog dial with hour markers, and a smooth strap. What really catches your attention is the see-through case that provides a truly unique design. Wear it with a suit or a t-shirt with jeans—either way, this watch is sure to impress.

Grab this unique watch from Joseph Abboud for $85. 

The Navy & Silver Transparent Dial Strap Watch

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Brown & Black Multi-Function Strap Watch 

Watches are the epitome of function-meets-fashion—this Brown & Black Multi-Function Strap watch is no different.

The watch features a classy black case with a rugged silhouette and a beautiful brown leather strap. You’ll also find three subdials on the watch: One for the date, the day, and 24-hour time. Like many of our other timepieces, this one is water-resistant up to 100 feet.

Love this one? You can get it from Joseph Abboud for $125.Brown & Black Multi-Function Strap

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Brown & Gold-Tone Croco-Grain Strap Watch

There’s just something we love so much about the combination of a brown leather strap and a gold watch case.

This brown and gold version of the Croco-Grain Strap Watch is definitely a keeper with the same functionality: Water resistance up to 100 feet, three subdials, and a stainless steel case back. However, the brown leather strap with a gold case exudes class and style. We think this is the watch you’ll never want to take off!

Grab this one from Joseph Abboud for just $125. 

Croco-Grain Strap Watch

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Black & Silver Transparent Dial Strap Watch 

Last but certainly not least—our classic Transparent Dial Strap Watch. This time, we have the classic combination of black and silver. 

The unique design is still here: A see-through case with a classic black leather strap. You’ve also got all of the same functionality, such as 100-foot water resistance, a stainless steel case back, and an analog dial with hour markers and a second hand. For those who love the unique design and prefer a black and silver configuration, you’ve found your watch.

Don’t miss out—get this one today for $85. 

 Transparent Dial Strap Watch

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Find More Stylish Men’s Leather Watches From Joseph Abboud

Looking for some more stylish men’s leather watch options?

Our collection includes all different styles, patterns, and colors. We’re also continuing to add new styles on the regular, so keep an eye out.

Shop our men’s leather watches collection today!

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