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How to Style Round Sunglasses - Men’s Guide | Joseph Abboud

Everyone needs at least one pair of stylish sunglasses to protect their eyes from the dangers of direct UV light—especially off blinding snow-covered slopes or open water. Some aficionados even enjoy building a collection of sunglasses to create different looks or to accent an outfit.

Men have plenty of different styles to choose from when it comes to frames and lenses—tinted aviators, square frames, and more. However, there’s one style that stands out for its unique shape—and for some, its difficulty to style correctly: round sunglasses.

Round sunglasses have a rich history and are enjoyed for their retro appearance. They were a staple for past celebrity icons—and remain as popular as ever today.

If you’ve wanted to incorporate the unique appeal of round sunglasses into your own look, we’re going to teach you how to style them and create some of your own signature looks with today’s article.

First, let’s dive into the history of round sunglasses—and how they became a must-have in every man’s collection.

image of male model wearing joseph abboud sunglasses over an image of mountains

The History of Round Sunglasses

Of all glasses frames, round frames have the longest—and most unclear—history.

  • Back in the 11th and 12th centuries, when the first eyeglasses were made, the frames were round and often didn’t have temples—the wearer would have to hold them up to their eyes.

  • It took until the 1700s to introduce a look similar to the modern frames that we’re used to wearing today. These round frames had temples to stop wearers from needing to hold them up on their own. Back then, eyeglasses were more about function than fashion: each pair was made by hand, and this added to their exclusivity—and cost.

  • By the 1920s, round sunglasses found their way into the hands of celebrities, such as movie stars and athletes. Fans of the stars wanted to replicate these looks for themselves, and by the 1940s, round sunglasses and glasses frames were a hot commodity.

  • Popularity continued to grow throughout the 1960s and 1970s. The rise of anti-consumerism and counterculture movements saw the public shopping for eyewear in boutique vintage shops. These shops kept the round sunglasses style on-trend.

Celebrities also continued to wear them, including notable figures such as John Lennon, which helped their popularity to endure. One of his pairs of round glasses auctioned at Sotheby’s went for a whopping $56,800 in 2020.

Today, round sunglasses continue to be one of the most popular choices for gents who wish to sport a retro look. They’re more on-trend than ever, with celebrities like Zayn Malik even making them a go-to frame of choice.

image of male model wearing joseph abboud sunglasses over an image of lights

What Face Shape Works Best for Round Sunglasses?

While you shouldn’t let your face shape discourage you from going with a frame style that you really like, there are some style guidelines that can help you get started if you can’t make a decision.

For sunglasses, it’s all about balancing your face shape and the style of the frames. Round sunglasses work best on men with a square or angular face shape—this is because the round shape helps contrast the more defined angles of the face, creating a smoother look. 

In some cases, adding round frames to smooth out the angles of your face can even help you look younger, if you want to work some optical magic.

How to Style Round Sunglasses 

The beauty of round sunglasses is their versatility. 

No matter what outfit you want to pair them with, round sunglasses can add extra edginess, a touch of formality, or create relaxed looks.

image of male model wearing joseph abboud sunglasses over an image of a building

Need a black-tie look? Add some mystery with our polarized Round Black Sunglasses.

Build your look:

  • Satin temples add a touch of class and flair that pairs beautifully with black suits. Don’t forget that the temples of your shades can contribute to your look, too.
  • Stick with darker tints and grey tints when pairing with cool-toned temples rather than pale shades or amber.
  • A black-tie event will always feature formal dress palettes by default (think crisp white shirts and black suits), so stick with shades that pair well with this.

Keeping it casual? Pair a crisp white t-shirt and your favorite pair of denim with our Black Round Sunglasses that feature a keyhole bridge for a laid-back and confident look—no matter the situation.

image of male model wearing joseph abboud sunglasses over an image of a boat

Want to look calm and collected on the water? Start with our Smoke Crystal Round Sunglasses.

Build your look:

  • Start with a cool-toned button-up (think blue), then accessorize with a sweater in neutral tones.
  • Pick a darker shade of socks than the top you’re wearing to add visual interest, or go with the same shade as your top for a streamlined look.

Heading to the office for that 2:15 meeting in your favorite suit? No problem. We all know the importance of accessories with a suit. Even if the suit is the main event, accessories add a little something extra to take your outfit from good to amazing.

image of male model wearing joseph abboud sunglasses over an image of a city

The right pair of round sunglasses can elevate your style game and add some flair to your suit. Suits have a conservative look, and fun accessories like round sunglasses can smooth out an appearance that could be considered too sharp—and help you stand out from the crowd.

Build your look:

  • Our Dark Tortoise Round Sunglasses bring a pop of color to cream, tan, and navy suits.
  • Pair these epic shades with cool palettes and neutrals to make the tortoise pattern stand out.
  • Accessorize with colorful or playful socks and ties for added character at the cuff and neck.
    image of male model wearing joseph abboud sunglasses over an image of cars

The opposite can also be true: the right pair of sunglasses with your outfit can send a message that says you’re not here to play games. For a sharp, confident, and assertive look, we recommend our Round Double-Brow Bar Sunglasses.

Build your look:

  • Pair these frames with our Gunmetal Multi-Function Bracelet Watch if you want to make a style statement that shows you mean business.
  • Choose monochrome suit colors like black, white, or charcoal to make these frames complete the look.
  • Pick suits with bold styling, like attention-catching lapels or button-stitching accents.

Find the Right Shades for Any Look with Joseph Abboud

Round sunglasses work great for any occasion—whether you’re at the beach, relaxing off the slopes, or heading to the office. However, now that you know how to style them, choose the best of the best. 

As a premier men’s outfitter, we’ve curated several top styles of round sunglasses to suit different tastes—both formal and casual.

If you want to take your style game up a notch, find your first (or next) favorite pair of round frames right here from Joseph Abboud.

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