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Should You Have More Than One Pair of Sunglasses?

Whether you’re accessorizing with a suit or adding some flair to your casual outfit, a stylish pair of sunglasses is an accessory that every man should have in their wardrobe.

Here’s the real question, though: Is one pair really enough?

You’ve probably heard of watch collections before. But what about a sunglasses collection? Is it something that you should start?

We believe it is. 

Let’s dive into why men should have more than one pair of sunglasses in their collection. 

Why You Should Have More Than One Pair of Sunglasses

There are a couple of reasons why having more than one pair of sunglasses is essential for men. 

For starters, there are so many different styles to choose from. It’s easy to get decision paralysis when choosing the right pair to suit all of your outfits. 

Instead of running into this problem, why not have a few different styles on hand at all times?

Having several pairs of sunglasses at your disposal allows you to create different styles. Maybe you prefer one of your pairs for an outing at the beach, whereas you have a different style of sunglasses when you’re out in your bespoke suit. 

It also allows you to play to your mood. If you want a more subtle look one day, you can stick to some basic frames. On the other hand, you might be feeling a more extravagant pair the next day.

There’s also a practical element to having more than one pair of sunglasses. If your pair gets lost or misplaced, you’ll have another pair on the go. If you break a pair, you’ll also have another pair to wear while you get your other ones fixed (if they’re fixable).

So, how many pairs should you own? It’s completely up to you!

We recommend having at least two or three pairs of sunglasses on hand. This allows you to collect multiple styles, play to your mood, and create the look you have in mind. 

What Are The Best Men’s Sunglasses?

All of this talk about owning multiple pairs of sunglasses begs the question:

What are the best men’s sunglasses?

If you’re starting a collection, one crucial pair to have is a basic style, such as square frames. These Black Square Sunglasses from Joseph Abboud add some flair to your outfit subtly, and they also work with both casual and formal outfits.

 Black Square Sunglasses from Joseph Abboud

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For a timeless, classic style, you’ll want to go with aviators. The history behind them means that they’ll never go out of style. The Aviator Sunglasses from Joseph Abboud come with polarized lenses and injected plastic temple tips for added comfort.

The Aviator Sunglasses from Joseph Abboud

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It never hurts to have a fun style in your rotation, either. These Matte Black Round Double-Brow Bar Sunglasses from Joseph Abboud are perfect for when you want to make a statement, and they’re sure to turn some heads.

Matte Black Round Double-Brow Bar Sunglasses from Joseph Abboud

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Get Your Favorite Sunglasses Styles from Joseph Abboud

Looking to get your first pair of premium sunglasses? Maybe you want to take our advice and expand your collection?

Whatever the case may be, Joseph Abboud has affordable, stylish sunglasses to suit everyone’s tastes. Get yours today!

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