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What Are Multifunction Watches? - Complete Guide

Men’s watches offer an incredible opportunity to show off your style—whether you prefer to play it safe or catch the eye of everyone you meet. 

From accessorizing your bespoke suits to taking the classic t-shirt and jeans outfit up a notch, you can never go wrong with a classy watch. 

One such option is a multifunction watch.

For those who prioritize functionality and style, a multifunction watch is what you need. Below, we’ll talk about what multifunction watches are, some of their features, and a few of our favorite multifunction watches from Joseph Abboud. 

What is a Multifunction Watch? 

A multifunction watch is a timepiece that offers a range of features beyond just telling the time. These watches are designed to be versatile and practical, making them a popular choice for people who want a timepiece with more features.

The added features on a multifunction watch typically come in the form of different subdials—you can see them behind the main face of the watch where they sit out of the way.

The Brown & Black Multifunction Watch from Joseph Abboud

The Brown & Black Multifunction Watch from Joseph Abboud—you can see the three subdials in the back of the face displaying different information. 

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Multifunction watches can be found in various styles and price points, from simple and affordable models to high-end luxury watches—it all depends on your budget. No matter how much you want to spend, you can find a multifunction watch that gives you the functionality you need and unparalleled style. 

What do Multifunction Watch Subdials do?

So, what information can you get from multifunction watch subdials?

The subdials, also known as complications, can give you different information—completely dependent on your chosen watch model. 

One of the most common watch complications is the date display, typically located on the right side of the watch face in a small window. Depending on the watch's features, the date display can show the day of the week, month, or even a full calendar year.

The Silver Date Mesh Bracelet Watch from Joseph Abboud

The Silver Date Mesh Bracelet Watch from Joseph Abboud with the date window visible to the right of the face.

For those who travel, a watch that shows different time zones can be beneficial. These are usually shown as smaller clocks beneath the main time display.

In addition to the date and time features, watches can include other complications such as alarms, minute repeaters, moon phases, and power reserve indicators.

Are Multifunction Watches and Chronograph Watches the Same?

Multifunction and chronograph watches are often mistaken for each other—it makes sense since they’re similar.

While a multifunction watch has several kinds of complications ranging from the date to the moon's phases, chronograph watch functionality instead focuses on recording the time for minutes, seconds, and occasionally milliseconds. 

One of the easiest ways to tell the difference is with the side buttons—a chronograph watch will typically have two buttons: One to start and stop the timer and the other to reset it to zero.

Chronograph and multifunction watches have many aesthetic similarities but serve different purposes. 

Our Favorite Multifunction Watches From Joseph Abboud

We’ve shown you a few of them above, but we have even more—check out three of our favorite multi-function watches to get you started.

Black & Silver Multi-Function Strap Watch

Black and silver is an excellent option for playing it safe—it’s a combination that adds subtle style to your outfit without taking anything away, and it’ll work with nearly everything in your wardrobe. 

This Black & Silver Multi-Function Strap Watch is a must-have, with a rugged silhouette and three subdials displaying the day, date, and 24-hour time. The leather band is soft and comfortable for everyday wear, and the watch is water-resistant up to 100 feet. 

Pick up this quintessential multifunction watch from Joseph Abboud for just $125. 

Black & Silver Multi-Function Strap Watch

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Brown & Gold Multi-Function Croco-Grain Strap Watch

No matter how much we try, we simply cannot get over the luxurious look of a brown and gold watch. It exudes class and sophistication, whether it’s worn with a suit or a casual outfit.

Besides having you looking sharp, the Brown & Gold Multi-Function Croco-Grain Strap Watch gives you all the functionality you need in three subdials: One for the day, date, and 24-hour time. The textured croco-grain strap adds an extra layer of unique style that no one can ignore. 

Pick up this classy multifunction brown and gold watch for $125.

Brown & Gold Multi-Function Croco-Grain Strap Watch

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Gunmetal Multi-Function Bracelet Watch

We couldn’t have a selection of our favorite multifunction watches without a classic metal band option.

The Gunmetal Multi-Function Bracelet Watch from Joseph Abboud is sleek and subtle with three different subdials and a second hand. The stainless steel case back and band in a gorgeous gunmetal color allow you to wear this watch with all your favorite outfits, from business casual to everyday errand-running looks. 

Grab this sleek watch for $150. 

Gunmetal Multi-Function Bracelet Watch

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Looking For More Multifunction Watches? 

Every man can benefit from a stylish multifunction watch, from leveling up casual outfits to putting the finishing touches on the suit game.

Suppose you’re looking for more excellent multifunction watch options. In that case, we can help—the Joseph Abboud watch collection includes some classy and sleek options, including metal and leather watch bands, different styles, and colors. 

Shop the Joseph Abboud watch collection today for your next classy timepiece! 

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