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How Much Does a Bespoke Suit Cost? The Men’s Pricing Guide

Bespoke suits are one of the most misunderstood clothing items for men on the market. Adding to the confusion, marketing teams often loosely use the term “bespoke” to portray non-bespoke suits as luxury items. 

Even for those educated in bespoke fashion, the costs can still be challenging to navigate. You might know that bespoke suits will typically cost more, but what actually influences that cost?

As a guide to all things men’s fashion, we’re here to shed some light on the topic. When navigating the costs of bespoke men’s suits, here are important details to consider.

Measurement Appointments

A highlight of the bespoke suiting process is the concierge-level appointments used by the tailor to determine sizing and fit. There are typically a few appointments of this nature, the first being used to determine a baseline fit and subsequent appointments to continue customizing your suit.

In most cases, these appointments do not cost anything extra, and the cost of the appointments themselves are already factored into the overall cost of the bespoke suit. However, this depends entirely on the tailor and is worth investigating.

Suit Style

The style of suit you choose can dramatically impact the cost. Some tailors may have a standard style that is less expensive than others, and any custom changes from the base could add to the price.

One common example is single-breasted vs. double-breasted suits. Generally, a single-breasted suit will cost you less than the more formal double-breasted counterpart.

There are also structural elements of each style that can impact pricing. For example, you can choose between peak lapels, notched lapels, or shawl lapels. Even the number and composition of buttons can play a role.

All of these choices may affect the cost of your bespoke suit, depending on the policies of your tailor.

Women working in textile factory cutting a bolt of fabric

Fabrics & Materials

Suit fabrics and materials are where you’ll end up allocating most of your bespoke suit budget.

The fabric you choose will depend on your environment, the weather, and your personal preferences. Here are some common suit fabrics you may encounter.


Cotton is often prized during the warmer months of summer. However, it’s not a great insulator—so it’s best to stay away from cotton during the winter. Cotton is lightweight and comfortable but not typically suitable for overly formal occasions. This suiting fabric also happens to be one of the most affordable.


Wool fabric is easily the most ubiquitous in the world of men’s suits. It combines softness, versatility, and breathability into a wrinkle-resistant package—plus, it’s also great for any type of weather or temperature.

Pricing for a wool suit will depend on the quality of the wool used, but it is typically pricier than cotton.

Bolts of fabric stacked on top of one another.


Similar to cotton, linen is well-suited for warmer weather. Unlike cotton, it tends to cost more.

Given that they wrinkle easily, linen suits are best worn in casual settings. That said, it could be argued that there’s a certain nuanced style to a slightly wrinkled linen suit.


Cashmere is a luxury material, and its pricing follows its form. It’s one of the softest fabrics for a suit, has excellent breathability, and also offers fantastic water resistance. Compared to wool, it lacks body, elasticity, and typically requires additional support when designing suits.

This high-end material is typically viewed as an investment due to its cost and is most often found as a blend.

Custom Details

One of the great things about bespoke suits is the extra level of customization you can enjoy compared to off-the-rack suits

For example, a common extra added to a bespoke suit is the interior lining. Opting for a luxurious silk lining will cost you more than the basic lining provided by the tailor.

Your tailor may also offer additional special detailing, such as having your name or a specific logo stitched to the tag inside the suit. This is specifically made for you and will likely carry an additional fee, but for some, it’s well worth the added cost to have a high level of personalization.

A bespoke suit is entirely unique to the wearer. These extras details and personal touches make the bespoke suiting process an experience to remember.

Suit collar tag with "custom made" text on label.

Is It Worth It? 

One of the most common questions asked about bespoke suits is whether or not they’re worth the added cost—especially compared to off-the-rack or made-to-measure options.

To put it simply: Nothing beats the feel of a specially crafted bespoke suit. 

Bespoke is the right choice for you if you wear a suit routinely and want the perfect fit and ideal style to suit your tastes. You certainly won’t regret the confidence that comes from wearing a bespoke suit—especially if you choose the right tailor.

Bespoke suits are also staples for any bridegroom who want to look and feel their best on their wedding day. Made-to-measure and off-the-rack suits certainly have their place for a tight budget, but nothing can compare to the look of a bespoke suit!

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