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How to Clean Sunglasses the Right Way - Joseph Abboud

Whether you prefer oversized frames, round frames, or any other style, there’s no doubt that every man needs a go-to pair of classy and stylish sunglasses when the sun comes around. 

They’re perfect for accessorizing suits, a day at the beach, or elevating your casual style game. 

They also won’t do you much good when dirty or smudged. 

So, how can you keep your sunglasses clean without damaging them?

Below, we’ll show you how to clean sunglasses so they stay scratch free and looking great for a long time to come. 

How to Clean Sunglasses Step-By-Step

  1. Start with Clean Hands 

Your hands are often part of the problem regarding dirty sunglasses. Oil and dirt from your skin can easily end up on your lenses and frames. 

Wash your hands with soap and be sure to dry them off with a clean towel that won’t leave any lint or debris on your hands—that too can end up on your sunglasses. 

  1. Rinse Your Sunglasses 

Next, you’ll want to rinse your sunglasses—frames and lenses.

The easiest way to do this is to hold them under your tap. The water can get into every nook and crevice of your sunglasses and clean out any dirt before you get started with wiping the lenses.

Be careful about the water temperature. You’ll want to use lukewarm water that isn’t too hot since hot water can potentially damage any protective coating you have on your lenses.

  1. Start The Cleaning Process

You have two great options for cleaning your sunglasses:

  1. A special glasses cleaning solution
  2. Dish soap

If you have glasses cleaning solution, the process moves a little faster—simply spray a small amount onto your lenses and then wipe them clean with a microfiber cloth or lint-free towel. Just be careful not to over-spray the solution.  

However, not everyone has glasses cleaning solution on hand. If you don’t, dish soap will do the trick. 

Put a small drop of dish soap onto your lenses and gently rub it on both sides. You’ll also want to clean the frames and nose pads as well. 

Once that’s done, carefully rinse your glasses again to remove the soap from the lenses and frame. 

     4. Dry Your Sunglasses

As we mentioned above, the best drying towels are super soft microfiber towels or lint-free towels—other towels may leave dust behind. Dry your glasses gently and use the light to see if there are any persistent streaks or smudges. 

After that, you’re done!

What Not to Do While Cleaning Sunglasses

When cleaning your sunglasses, it’s just as important to know what not to do. Here are some tips on what you should avoid.

  • Avoid using your shirt to wipe your lenses - Clothing fabric can be coarse and cause unwanted scratches to your lenses. Stick to lint-free towels or a microfiber cloth.
  • Avoid other cleaning products - Dish soap and glasses cleaning solution should be the only cleaners you use on your sunglasses. Anything else may damage your lenses.
  • Avoid tissues or paper towels - Like your clothing, tissues and paper towel can scratch lenses or leave an unwanted residue. 
  • Don’t try to buff out scratches - Leave this to the experts—take your scratched glasses to an optician if your lenses are scratched. 
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